It's time to bring yourself home... At home!

And the great thing is we're coming too! Into your home that is. We'll be guiding you through a powerful self-transformation that begins with reconnection to self, using detox principals as our anchor. And we can't wait to deliver it all on demand to our global community.

7 day on-demand detox retreat. Crafted by professionals for transformational change.

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While not all of you can reach us, we're bringing the retreats you love, and the retreat community who support you, into your home! A piece of Bali retreat magic into your living room...

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Physical Health

Now is the time to be in your optimal state of health. Follow a proven path to vibrant health.

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Mental Clarity

You respond to the crazy external world by choice. De-stress and develop a positive internal narrative.

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You are so much more than just your physical body. Get support to dive deeper to uncover all of you.

Hear what our virtual retreat clients are saying!

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Andrew Roberts

I am a 44 year old male, two children and I have allowed bad habits to slip in. Too many coffees, too many bacon and egg rolls, too many beers, and lots of stress from balancing work and kids. This is the greatest reset. It got me off coffee, alcohol and bad foods, cleaned out my system, and educated me to live a healthier life which is going to impact my family as well. Because I feel so much better from doing this program, I also feel I can be so much more effective for those around me and the clients I work with. Loads of clarity and energy and a new sense of mojo.

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Nicholle Chandler

This is my 7th retreat with NIH. I try to do it annually if I can. The reason I'm so dedicated to this fasting is because of how I feel afterward. My mind is clearer, my skin is healthier, my body feels lighter, but most importantly, I feel mentally happier and physically healthier. Back in 2015, I was told to take prescriptions for the rest of my life, but I knew there had to be a better way. And there was. NIH was the place where I could stop and listen to what my body needed, and then implement changes as a lifestyle. Learning about nutrition, digestion, mindful eating, our gut/brain connection, allowed me to live a life meds-free. I can't imagine where I would be if I didn't find NIH.

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Tash Whish-Wilson

The NIH team know how to deliver tried and tested fasting / detox program that is easy to follow and just works! They provide all the support and information needed to make fasting a fabulous experience. The hosts are amazing, they are all so knowledgable and engaging and create and hold a safe and comfortable space ... even virtually! Whilst I love my annual Bali experience at NIH, in these crazy and uncertain times this is the next best thing!

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Recognised by industry as Australasia's leading team of detox and wellness experts.

Your health is in great hands. 

Over a decade of experience delivering award winning detox retreat programs. 

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Most Outstanding Holistic Retreat, Bali

2021 Global Excellence Awards

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Luxury Wellness Centre, Asia Continent Winner 

2020 World Luxury Spa Awards

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Best Wellness Retreat, Bali

2020 Fitness & Nutrition Awards

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Top 15 Luxury Wellness RetreatsBali

2020 Luxury Lifestyle Awards

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Luxury Health & Wellness RetreatBali Winner

2019 Luxury Lifestyle Awards

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Luxury Health & Wellness RetreatBali Winner

2019 World Luxury Spa Awards

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Indonesia's Best Wellness Retreat

2019 World Spa Awards

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Luxury Health & Wellness Retreat, Bali Winner

2018 Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Committed clients making huge positive change!

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Margaret McSwain

I recently completed a fasting cleanse at home with support and guidance from Natural Instinct Healing. I was so happy with the level of support I received prior to and during the cleanse. I was given detailed instructions and an abundance of resources to assist me which allowed me to feel empowered to do the cleanse at home on my own. I felt very taken-care-of and am so impressed with Natural Instinct Healing, they really go above and beyond.’

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Lauren Ciarlo

"Thank you Natural Instinct Healing for one of the best experiences of my life. This program has completely blown me away. Incredibly comprehensive, intentional, supportive, well planned and well paced. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to heal any aspects of themselves. I am reborn! So much love."

Not sure if you need a detox? 

Get ahead of dis-ease and take our Detox Diagnostic quiz to get a free personalised report on your current health status.

A diagnostic tool designed by global wellness experts to assess your health and wellbeing.

Take the Detox Diagnostic quiz here

Follow an award winning detox method toward vibrant health and clarity. Give your body the gift of repair and rejuvenation.

In moments of stress and radical change we can fall into unhealthy behaviour. As we slide 'off track' we all need support to reset and get back on track. We're all human. 

Not prioritising your physical health? Reclaim your best body now through a fasting detox.

Feeling stressed & anxious? Find clarity and embodiment through guided yoga, meditation, and embodied movement. 

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain? Rejuvenate and recover your true self through an incredible cleansing process. 

An expert team of qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Intuitive Healers, and Coaches guiding, supporting, educating and empowering you through the 7 day fasting detox retreat. 


We deliver the retreat conviently with support and resources available on-demand, wherever your are.

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The Holistic Approach

Everything we do and deliver at Natural Instinct Healing is based around a holistic approach to health – mind, body, spirit. In order to attain and maintain true health and wellness one must look at the ‘whole’ self. The Virtual Detox Retreat is so much more than a week of weight loss... it is a holistic detox retreat to let go of all that no longer serves you.

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The Healing Process

The juice fasting cleanse is a thorough detox following the tried and tested detox principles we have come to know as best practice, and award winning, from over a decade in the retreat space. The cleanse will move you into, through, and out of a detox process – the depth of which depends on the individual, and their willingness to surrender to the process.

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The Success Framework

You follow a simple ‘recipe’ for success. Success we’ve defined as ‘the cleansing of anything that no longer serves the client’s best interests! For 7 days you will be guided with live movement classes; guided meditations; wellness workshops; self care practices; and personal 1:1 support. The results? Holistic transformational change.

On this 7-day detox retreat you will be supported through a deep fasting detox cleanse, guaranteed to have you glowing inside and out!

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Detox Supplements

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Cleansing Products 

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Guided Meditations

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Embodied Movemnet

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Yoga Classes

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Private Group Forum

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1:1 Expert Support

Chat from inside the private support community...

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Amazing! Count me in.

With on-demand support and resources at your finger tips; the team at Natural Instinct Wellbeing have created this retreat experience to support you on your health journey toward whole health, happiness and freedom. A deep journey back home. 

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A team of qualified Western Health Professionals to guide and support you.

12+ years experience crafting & facilitating health programs. 

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Kate Reardon

Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy • Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine • 300 hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Feminine Embodiment Facilitator


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Pat Reardon

Bachelor of International Business

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Alex Vannucci

Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition • 500 hour Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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Clare Boyd

200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Certified Somatic Stress Release Instructor



Everything you need (except your fruit & veges)!

  • 7 day on-demand detox retreat
  • Detox Box - home cleanse kit (physical product, Australia delivery only) OR Private 1:1 Session
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • 20 minute 1:1 tailored health assessment
  • On-demand daily Yoga or embodied movement classes
  • On-demand daily Guided Meditations
  • On-demand Educational Workshops


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All of Ignite tier inclusions +

  • Lifetime program access (so you can do the retreat again in the future, unassisted)
  • 1 x 60 minute private 1:1 sessions with a team member of your choice 
  • Private chat support with our team
  • A copy of The Essential Cleanse by Kate Reardon (hard copy in Australia) for an additional extended cleanse experience. 
  • Private Post-Retreat Integration & Activation Session (20 mins)
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The Natural Instinct Healing team are 100% committed to making an impact and supporting their clients to live to their full potential! They are an amazing group of health professionals with a true passion for creating healthy lifestyles.

Katherine Maslen

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and Founding Director of Brisbane Natural Health, Australia

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This is the place to go if you want to do a serious results driven program. They have thought of everything and had the skill and compassion to address everything. This has been a huge turning point and awareness. I am so grateful. You are A++.

Sandy Gallagher

CEO & President at Proctor Gallagher Institute, United States of America

Are you ready to commit one week of your life, for a lifetime of change? 

YES. Let's do this!