It's time to bring yourself Home.

Through individual awareness, we guide clients through a powerful self-transformation that begins with reconnection to self.


Cleanse Your Body

Feeling sluggish, overweight, and unmotivated? We get it. We've been there. With a decade in the detox & health space we will get you back in your ultimate body.

Clear Your Mind

Getting overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking clarity? We're with you. It's crazy times. But rest assured now is the most important time to think differently. Join a like-minded community . 

Create Your Lifestyle

Now more than ever we have choice. Changing our relationship with ourselves, impacts our relationship with the way we see the world. We believe in Holistic Wellbeing.

Virtual Detox Retreats

It's time to bring yourself home... At home! 7-day live on-demand detox retreats. Crafted by professionals for transformational change. Enjoy the benefits of our award winning detox  programs from the comfort of your home.


What our clients say...


The Natural Instinct Wellbeing team are 100% committed to making an impact and supporting their clients to live to their full potential! They are an amazing group of health professionals with a true passion for creating healthy lifestyles.

Katherine Maslen
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and Founding Director of The Shift, Australia

I could write the whole book on this amazing lady, on her essence and on her extraordinary ability to transform lives. As you climb your mountain following Kate’s path, you will empower yourself to health and wellness and all that lies within you.

Sarah Ferguson 

Dutchess of York

This is the place to go if you want to do a serious results driven program. They have thought of everything and had the skill and compassion to address everything. This has been a huge turning point and awareness. I am so grateful. You are A++.

Sandy Gallagher 
CEO & President at Proctor Gallagher Institute, USA

Our New Mentorship Program!

We know that consistency & ongoing support is really important for changes to stick. We really saw this on our Elite Retreats™. We know the value and impact this method made in the lives of our Mentor clients - professional athletes, royal family, global leaders... And we knew in times like these we had to share this with our network of committed and conscious clients. With you. 

We are also conscious that growth can be uncomfortable. We understand you need a safe space to be held, allowing you to lean into the uncertainty and trust the process. We've been busy crafting the 'container' to hold you. And now we're ready to open the doors.


Meet The Team

We are a community of global wellness experts united by our commitment to foster powerful self-transformation through continued personal growth for our clients. We treat the body holistically, combining alternative health and ancient wisdom rituals to support the inner and outer layers of our being.

Kate Reardon

Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy • Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine • 300 hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Feminine Embodiment Facilitator

Pat Reardon

Bachelor of International Business

Clare Boyd

Diploma Kinesiology • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Certified Somatic Stress Release Instructor.

Alex Vannucci

Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition • 500 hour Certified Yoga and meditation teacher.

A member looking for support, not 'spiritual entertainment'. 

"The program has been one of the best investments I have ever made. The content, the resource, the simplicity, the structure, the love and support you guys put into this is AMAZING. I truly love the way you summarise each resource and make it actionable, because otherwise it's just spiritual entertainment."

Cristina Escudero, Student of Naturopathy, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online platform is designed to deliver high value content and resources in an easy, smooth, and seamless way. Members can view, download, listen and interact from the program mobile app, their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Webinars are interactive and come straight to any device you prefer; and private sessions and consultations are ‘face-to-face’ online via industry leading technology. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

We are not saying this program will change your life. Because it won’t – Hang on, what!?! Don’t get us wrong it will change you (profoundly). But joining a program won’t magically make life easier and pain-free. Smart and successful people know this. They don’t fantasise about life suddenly becoming easier/better/less painful. Instead, smart and successful people find ways to unlock their greatest strengths and become the best version of themselves. Why? Because then it doesn’t matter what life throws you. You can thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually even when life doesn’t go according to plan.

We have highly qualified health professionals on our team – We’re not going to even start on this rant… but let’s just say that our team is legit! This is not a team of ‘health coaches’ who have done an ‘online’ course. As a base we have Naturopaths & Nutritionists who have each spent 5 years in intense full time University degrees. And that was the start of their professional studies. And we all continuously up-skill and have a massive amount of experience in this specific field. Holistic health and wellness is our home. If anything sets us apart from the “norm” it is the calibre and professionalism of our team.

We've got a decade of experience under our belt. Deep immersive 'on the coal face' kinda experience.

Members can upgrade their level of membership at any point in time, and our system will automatically adjust any change in payments based on ‘pro-rata’ basis. Upgrading is easy, secure, and the platform’s robots do all the work in the background with their fancy calculators.

You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. We're not here to hold you accountable to anything you do not wish to be! We've built a brand based on trust. It's why we've been in business for a decade. We respect our clients. 

"While many scramble to 'pivot online', we have been doing the opposite... We've had a full time team slowly fine tuning our online presence (that we've already provided for the past 6+ years) to be certain we make the greatest impact to our clients' health and wellness in these times. This is a new era of wellbeing, and we're responding with flexibility anchored in delivering grounded, compassionate, and expert support to our clients."

Pat & Kate Reardon
Founders, Natural Instinct Wellbeing

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