About Us

We believe that everyone deserves health and happiness. And it starts with you being in your full potential, empowered and making a difference in the world.


We are in the business of up-levelling lives. We are consistently recognised by industry as global leaders in Holistic Wellness. Our vision is to provide holistic support and programs within nurturing and natural environments to improve the health and performance of our clients: delivering positive transformative change to our clients physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We have been continuously facilitating detox, health and wellness retreats for over a decade. Non stop. We have a private retreat centre of our own in Bali, which is our flagship location for the delivery of our Health & Wellness retreat programs. We also travel the globe (Australia & Europe regularly) to deliver our programs to our global network. After over a decade of hosting extended retreat programs, and guiding over 1500+ clients through these, we know what it takes to get clients thriving - mind, body, and spirit.

We have highly qualified health professionals on our team – We’re not going to even start on this rant… but let’s just say that our team is legit! This is not a team of ‘health coaches’ who have done an ‘online’ course. As a base we have three Western qualified Naturopaths & Nutritionists who have each spent 4+ years each in an intense full time degree at highly regarded Universities. And that was the start of their professional studies! And we all continuously up-skill and have a massive amount of experience in this specific field. Holistic health and wellness is our home. It’s our jam. If anything sets us apart from the “norm” it is the calibre, experience and professionalism of our team.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated and experienced team of Western qualified professionals guarantee our guests are supported every step of the way throughout your experience. You’ll have your full team of qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Intuitive Healers, Health & Business coaches, and an array of other awesome team members guiding, supporting, educating and empowering you from day one. Bottom Line: We support you through your entire journey. 

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Kate Reardon

Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy & Nutrition

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Pat Reardon

Bachelor of International Business

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Clare Boyd

Certified Yoga Teacher

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Alex Vannucci

Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition. 500 hr yoga and meditation teacher