Let go of all that no longer serves you and re-create your new story.

Coming back to your temple, your vessel, your body! Rest, restore, reflect and embody all parts of yourself to create a more harmonious, flowing, and fulfilling authentic life.

It is our natural inclination to remember, to return and to reclaim the eternal life force that we so easily drift away from.

The Essence of Winter

A four week journey of empowering education and embodied rituals for women.









This container is an offering Clare has been personally practicing and intentionally crafting over the past five years. Diving into your own bodily wisdom, stripping away the layers, and further understanding yourself as a feminine being. A process of letting go of all that's holding you back from moving towards your birth rite… which is complete freedom, deep connection, joy and fulfilling authenticity.


The Essence of Winter for Women is to move into deep reflection and draw upon the wisdom of what the season and cycles around us are providing.


This course will be delivered over a 4 week supportive container. Each week Clare will deliver a LIVE master class focusing on the theme for the week. There will be weekly LIVE Q & A's. Weekly movement and meditation practices, helping integrate the wisdom learnt through the master classes. These will invite more embodiment and self enquiry. There will be ritual practices, journaling exercises, and other tools to bring you home - to self. All beautiful women will be invited to a private facebook group where we can dive into this deep inner journey together. Sharing, supporting and connecting.

I'm Ready to Dive Deep

This course container is for women of all ages that are feeling called to: 

  • Gain insight and wisdom from different embodied modalities and teachings.
  • Understanding the seasons and cycles and what that means for your body
  • Slow down and tune into the feminine 
  • Uncover your self limiting beliefs
  • Nourish your nervous system
  • Invite more compassion and love into your life
  • Let go of societal pressure to do more or be more
  • Embrace more yin without the guilt and shame of ‘being lazy’ 
  • Live more in flow with your own rhythms and cycles 
  • Start a daily practice and ritual
  • Work with the magic of the moon
  • Create more space in your life
  • Heal any wounding around being a women
  • Embody tools to navigate the flow of life and stay in homeostasis
  • Dive deep within and follow your heart back to your true essence and potential. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual body

Ready to Embrace all parts of YOU!

Clare has cultivated a safe space where women can come together, shed the layers of winter and rise into spring more empowered, embodied and rejuvenated. Clare will guide you to dive into this journey - sharing and supporting from a place of love, compassion, and deep trust. We will ignite softness and curiosity through embodied somatic practices; guided meditations; ritual; journaling; wisdom sessions; and connection.

I'm Ready!

We will begin on July 10th 2021 with the New Moon cycle, navigating through and exploring the four weeks of the moon cycle. Working with the moon cycle as it guides us through this potent and magical time of year. As women, we are deeply connected to the moon. Being the feminine, it's like our own personal soul guide. By cultivating the energy of the moon we can use it to our ability and gain more power, insight and wisdom.


  • LIVE Opening circle - connecting with the women that you will be sharing this journey with. Then we will dive into our  new moon ceremony, creating new vows and intentions for the journey ahead.
  • LIVE MASTERCLASS - Understanding the seasons and cycles of life - Harnessing the season of winter, element of water and the kidney and bladder meridian. 

  • LIVE - Q & A

  • MOVEMENT CLASS - Harnessing yin energy, slow somatic embodied practice

  • MEDITATION - Chakra re-balancing meditation

  • Journal Prompts


  • LIVE MASTERCLASS - Emotional processing, nervous system support - Understanding emotions, how they affect us, where we store them, how to process, diving into stress, how to support ourselves and nourish our nervous systems.

  • MOVEMENT CLASS - fluid movement, creative flow

  • MEDITATION - Emotional body clearing

  • Journal Prompts

  • LIVE - Q & A


  • LIVE MASTERCLASS - Womb Clearing, healing & activation - Diving into our womb space. Uncovering any wounding, stagnation, self limiting beliefs. This class is a deep dive group healing in the comfort of your own home. The process will be guided and supported.

  • MOVEMENT CLASS - Slow energy regulation class. Qi Gong inspired

  • MEDITATION - Inner Child Healing

  • Journal Prompts

  • LIVE - Q & A


  • LIVE MASTERCLASS - Radical Self Care - exploring your core needs, input and output, exploring what self care means to you.

  • MOVEMENT CLASS - Somatic movement and tapping

  • MEDITATION - Breathwork Meditation

  • Journal Prompts

  • LIVE - Q & A

  • Closing Ceremony 



All Inclusive

  • 5 x Live Masterclass
  • 4 x Embodied Movement Class
  • 4 x Guided Meditation
  • Nourishing Recipes
  • 4 x Live Q & A's
  • Journaling practices
  • How to create your daily Ritual
  • Private Support Group Access
  • Recordings of all live sessions (in case times don't suit you)


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All of Embody tier inclusions +

  • Women's Winter Essence Gift Pack (Australia only, delivered) [$150 Value]
  • Lifetime program access (so you can do the program again in the future, unassisted)
  • 60 minute private 1:1 healing sessions with Clare
  • 'Weekly Intuitive Download' -Clare's intentional and intuitive weekly meditation with just your personal journey in mind. Includes weekly personal message.
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Clare harnesses the elements of winter and deep self inquiry through her own studies of yoga, meditation, kinesiology, somatic movement, intuitive healing and from her own direct experiences. Hosting hundreds of retreats for the last 4 years, Clare has guided and mentored many groups and individuals on their own journeys. The birth of this course was created as Clare felt the call to work with women who are ready to understand, uncover and dive into all parts of themselves. She has cultivated a space where women can come together, shed the layers of winter and rise into spring more empowered, embodied and rejuvenated.

Are you ready to come home to your temple, your vessel, your sacred body?

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