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Throughout the immersion we'll share the knowledge, practical tools, and wisdom to navigate and support yourself through times of turbulent uncertainty.

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The Vital Wellbeing Immersion Experience...

Supporting the Body through Stress & Uncertainty

  • Learn how to re-calibrate the nervous system when we reach overwhelm
  • Learn how to support yourself through the somatic response of stress to keep your body healthy 
  • Learn nutrition and bio-hacks to keep your body functioning at your most optimal level

Nurturing your Emotional Response

  • Understanding your own unique response patterning to stress
  • Learn simple and grounded tools to work with the big emotions when they arise within
  • Understand the nature of emotions and how you can stay clear and connected no matter what your experience

Nourishing your Inner World through Turbulent Times

  • Uncover your own personal roadblocks that prevent you from taking exceptional care of yourself
  • Learn energetic hygiene and why it is so important to cleanse, clear and release old parts of yourself that no longer serve you
  • Learn how to define for yourself what fills up your energy tank and nourishes all parts of who you are

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👋 Meet Kate & Pat

Pat and Kate Reardon are the co-founders of Natural Instinct Wellbeing, an internationally acclaimed and award winning boutique Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre. They’re also parents to a gaggle of three young daughters; leaders to a team of global wellness experts; and masters of their own individual crafts.

They've been walking hand in hand down dusty dirt paths and polished cobblestone streets for over 22+ years. They understand commitment. 

At eighteen years young they left Australia to explore the far flung cultures of the globe, make sense of their own world, and answer those big life questions! They understand uncomfortable.

They’re both Australian qualified with Bachelor degrees in their own fields of expertise, and their continued thirst for awareness and mastery has led to an ongoing quest of experiential learning from the leaders of our time. They understand devotion.

They immersed themselves in the ancient rituals, ceremonies and wisdom of these foreign lands, and are now ushering the wisdom of The East back to The West with their embodied understanding of health, life, relationships, and living a healthy holistic lifestyle. They understand Wellbeing.